31/03/2019: Live exhibition at SuperArgo (S. Pietro di Legnago, VR)

Graphics by Erika Bellon

I know, we haven't posted all the workshops, sorry!
The next will be tomorrow, Sunday 31 March at 15.
Free Event dedicated to the preparation of a freshwater aquarium, near SuperArgo in via Meucci 6 in Zai at S. Pietro di Legnago, Vr (behind the Burger King).
Obviously you can not miss the good Simone Castagnoli Aquarium Club Cesenatico. An excellent opportunity to talk face to face with those who manage aquariums for decades and to remove some curiosity. There Will also be the boys of #Oceanlife to answer all your questions about the different products they treat!
We Thank in advance our friends and colleagues who have confirmed their presence, and also those who unfortunately can not come for personal commitments.
See you tomorrow!

16/12/2018: Live exhibition at Rio Amazons (GO)

Crystal Reef Workshop Amazon
Graphics by Erika Bellon

Last chance to meet us all and to wish you a good end and excellent principle!

Sunday, December 16 at 14 we will be guests of friend Kevin Simonetti, store owner Amazon. There with Simone Castagnoli of Aquarium Club Cesenatico we will show how to set up a freshwater aquarium, starting from the choice of the bottom, the disposition of Woods and rocks, the choice of plants according to their needs and those of the final customer, continuing With the necessary information on the choice of lighting, and closing with an excursus on the main nutrients that the plants need in the aquarium. 


PetsFestival 2018: Here's how it went, part II

A little bit of us with Heiko Bleher

Among all the compliments the most unexpected and which flattered us the most was to Heiko Bleher 

During The weekend we hosted three live productions curated by Dario Torassa, Simone Castagnoli, Mirko Pouch. Conductor, true expert of aquascaping, the dear Ed Varetto. Crystal Reef Furniture, OceanLife aquariums.

We have also proposed to the public at the fair Dafne, the "Alice in Wonderland" style aquarium cabinet designed by Heather Bacon.

A heartfelt thanks to all those who have expressed clearly their appreciation for the booth presented in Piacenza... How many of you have taken the picture in front of our creation!

PetsFestival 2018: Here's how it went, part I

Aquarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? How many of you have taken the picture in front of our creation!

We said you'D get your jaw crossed?! Well We succeeded! We've left You with a grout!

The Booth of this edition was a bomb, thanks to the joint Union of several forces: CrystalReef, OceanLife, GNC, Aquarium Club Cesenatico, Oase, Valverde Aquarium, Tropica. 

We have presented a four-metre aquarium, both with a submerged part and with an emerged part. The idea and the realization of the trapezoidal furniture were curated by Mirko Pouch (Crystal Reef). The set-up was conceived by Simone Castagnoli (Club Cesenatico Aquarium) and made by the same and by Dario Torassa and Mirko Pouch. The lighting was provided by GNC, plants by Tropica and Melanotenidae by Valvede Aquarium. The Bathtub was an Oceanlife production, conductor for this multiple collaboration.

A special thanks to Danilo Ronchi for the editorial that has dedicated us on his portal. To Read it click Here