PetsFestival 2018: Here's how it went, part I

Aquarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? Terrarium? How many of you have taken the picture in front of our creation!

We said you'D get your jaw crossed?! Well We succeeded! We've left You with a grout!

The Booth of this edition was a bomb, thanks to the joint Union of several forces: CrystalReef, OceanLife, GNC, Aquarium Club Cesenatico, Oase, Valverde Aquarium, Tropica. 

We have presented a four-metre aquarium, both with a submerged part and with an emerged part. The idea and the realization of the trapezoidal furniture were curated by Mirko Pouch (Crystal Reef). The set-up was conceived by Simone Castagnoli (Club Cesenatico Aquarium) and made by the same and by Dario Torassa and Mirko Pouch. The lighting was provided by GNC, plants by Tropica and Melanotenidae by Valvede Aquarium. The Bathtub was an Oceanlife production, conductor for this multiple collaboration.

A special thanks to Danilo Ronchi for the editorial that has dedicated us on his portal. To Read it click Here