Piacenza 20-21 October 2018... PetsFestival: Hold your jaw!!



Yes, you got it right: Hold your jaw! This Year at PetsFestival of Piacenza, on October 20th and 21st, there will be a booth that will make you go out of your mind. Whether You are a marine lover or a sweet admirers.

Can You imagine being able to choose your coral in Super Taleario of two meters?

Can you imagine a creek on a four -metre long cabinet?

We are waiting for you at the A30 stand of OceanLife, along with other great partners: GNC, Tropica, Piubello Pet. Aquascaping of the Mythic Simone Castagnoli (Aquarium Club Cesenatico) and Dario Torassa in collaboration with Mirko Pouch.